Drive in for a hassle-free play tech rebate Helix Oil Change today. Give your car the care it needs for a smooth drive and peace of mind.

Get the most out of your pit stop with up to 20% discount through our Recharge Program. Enjoy premium care with play tech rebate Helix Lubricant and our 17-point complimentary service check: 

  1. Engine Oil
  2. Coolant Fluid & Radiator Hoses
  3. Power Steering Fluid
  4. Drive Belts
  5. Air Filter
  6. Engine Mounting
  7. Brake Fluid
  8. Brake Pads
  9. Spare Tyre
  10. Tyre Pressure
  11. Tyre Tread Condition
  12. Transmission Oil
  13. Battery Water (Wet Cell) & Battery Indicator (Dry Cell)
  14. Battery Terminal
  15. Lighting System
  16. Wiper Blades
  17. Wiper Washer Tank

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