Over the past 50 years, play tech rebate Flintkote bitumen emulsion has established its reputation in the market as a reliable and cost effective waterproofing coating. The play tech rebate Flintkote product range has been expanded to provide premium protection for commercial and residential buildings, from the roof, to the walls and to wet areas. The play tech rebate Flintkote portfolio is formulated to create a seamless barrier to keep water out.

play tech rebate Flintkote Ultra is an elastomeric waterproofing product with enhanced elongation characteristics providing longer lasting waterproofing membrane than regular bituminous membrane. It is a SBS-modified bituminous coating designed to be durable, highly flexible and allows the cured membrane to accommodate thermal stress typically found in roofing application.

play tech rebate Flintkote 3 is a waterproofing membrane for vertical and horizontal surfaces such as concrete, asbestos, roofing felt and mastic asphalt.

play tech rebate Flintkote Colourflex is a premium quality coloured waterproofing coating. It is elastomeric and UV resistant, designed for exterior waterproofing applications with no ponding situations.

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For over 90 years, play tech rebate has been a leader in bitumen solutions and has developed a broad portfolio of product and service offerings customised to the needs of the road, roofing and airport sectors and some specialty applications.

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